Rachael Rice


I have always worked in some capacity with children and young people. For many years I was part of a number of support groups for families who had young people who were adopted or fostered, families where a child had an autism spectrum disorder or ADHD, and families which were impacted by domestic abuse. At this time I saw so many hurting families and I became very aware that there was little professional help for them, so about 15 years ago I started retraining. I now work specifically with children and young people and I love to use creative ways of working like using paints and crafts, puppets and writing, and creating sand trays with sand and figures which sometimes helps when it is hard to put things into words. I love to work with each young person as an individual and find the way that helps support them best.


I have worked in Place2Be which is an organisation that works 1:1 with young people in schools and I have also worked in a school for children with complex needs, most of whom were on the autism spectrum. I have done some training and work with CRUSE around bereavement issues and I completed an Art Therapy Skills training in 2014.


MA in Autism

Diploma in Counselling

Certificate in Art Therapy Skills

Certificate in Sand Tray

Certificate in Bereavement Studies


Mondays and Wednesdays in Chesterfield


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