Taking the journey with you.

When you encounter obstacles on your path, we will walk with you.

Rainbow Counselling Services are an association of self-employed, professional counsellors and coaches based around Sheffield.

Rainbow Counselling Services have established the organisation over the past 20 years with a reputation for high quality counselling, coaching and personal development. Every member of our team is qualified and/or accredited. We have experience in working with people who want change in their lives or who are going through issues such as, but not limited to: depression, stress, anxiety, self-image, relationships, loss, bereavement, addictions and abuse.

We can help with anything which you feel is insurmountable or overwhelming.

“Working in the ambulance service means I come across a lot of trauma, sometimes multiple times a day. This made an impact on my life in more ways than I thought it would. With the help of Jane I was able to verbalise the hurt, visualise where I want to be and make great first steps to feeling more alive and less numb. Thank you Jane”.

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