About Rainbow Counselling, Sheffield

Rainbow Counselling is an association of self-employed professional counsellors and an accredited Master Coach based around Sheffield, Chesterfield, Dronfield, and Penistone. We have established our organisation over the past 20 years with a reputation for high quality counselling, coaching and personal development.

Our team is well rounded and forward thinking with a diverse skill set to meet the needs of all our clients. Recently we have been actively engaging young people and other groups which are showing an increasing requirement for counselling.

We are a Christian counselling organisation open to people of all faiths or no faith. We can help those looking for spiritual direction and we promote a holistic approach in our counselling.

“Working in the ambulance service means I come across a lot of trauma, sometimes multiple times a day. This made an impact on my life in more ways than I thought it would. With the help of Jane I was able to verbalise the hurt, visualise where I want to be and make great first steps to feeling more alive and less numb. Thank you Jane”.

What can we do for you?

We invite you to take time, with a skilled helper, to explore your difficulties. We will find an appropriate way to help and support you with what you’re up against.

We will not tell you what to do but may make suggestions for you to consider and will help you to explore and reflect on your life. It is a journey which we undertake together. You may come for just a few sessions or for a long time. It is important to emphasise that you can talk to us even if your particular problem is not listed in our counsellor profiles. For further information go to: Meet our team >