Whether you have been loving or loathing lockdown one thing’s for certain – for many people it has raised anxiety about many things: money, job security and health to name a few.

Online Counselling Services at Rainbow, SheffieldPerhaps you are feeling anxious on behalf of someone else – a family member whose job is at risk, a single friend who is living alone and isolated or an elderly parent with pre-existing health issues.

This helpful article by the rTMS Centre highlights some ways you can help someone who is experiencing anxiety. Being there for them in a non-pressurised way and distracting them with other helpful things may support them in this phase of their journey.

Also important in these times (and always) is the importance of self care. The article reminds us that key to supporting someone is to be aware of our own boundaries and limits so that we can realistically offer something that is concrete and sustainable. Read more about the article at the rTMS Centre >

Remember support is out there! You are not alone. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our counsellors today.