The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) in conjunction with 25 professional partners and supported by a host of professionals in the mental health field, has spearheaded a campaign for urgent mental health care as the impact of the coronavirus and lockdown takes its toll on our country.

BACP’s CEO, Haydn Williams reports on the progressing campaign: “Through our campaign we’ve already secured excellent support and buy-in from politicians across the parliaments of the four nations.”

Many will be aware that because of this current climate demand for mental health services will be increasing, not least because of the impact of greater loneliness, grief, sickness and loss of income to name just a few issues.

Check out BACP’s news articles on their website to find out more about how the campaign has been progressing over the last few weeks, since it was first launched in the early days of lockdown. And if you are a mental health professional you can follow the links to add your voice to the campaign by writing to your MP >

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