Meet the Rainbow Team

Meet the Rainbow Team

We wanted to take the opportunity to highlight our updated ‘Meet our Team’ page.
Counsellor Profile – Paynter Paynt
Sophie, Rainbow Counselling

Sometimes it’s hard to approach an unknown ‘face’ and ‘name’ when you feel you wish to access counselling or coaching. It helps to be reassured that the person you will be seeing is trained, professional and above all non-judgmental, friendly and approachable.

We wish to reassure all potential clients that we take this seriously which is why our team have written some (recently updated) profiles about their training, counselling/coaching background and specialisms.

Our counsellors and coach work from various premises and on different days/times during the week, so you may wish to work with someone who is local to you. Some of our counsellors also offer sessions via telephone or zoom.

Please click on meet the team > to access their profiles and see who might be a good ‘fit’ for you and your needs.

Counsellor Profile: Jenny Anderson
Counsellor Profile – Nick Cocking
Counsellor Profile – Jess Bowler
Why is it so important to cry?

Why is it so important to cry?

We stumbled across this interesting article by the UK Therapy Guide and thought it was too good not to share.

Crying - why is it so important?In a world where crying is often seen as a weakness, as we grow more aware of the importance of mental health, it’s important to remember this most basic and yet key expression of human emotion.

The author reminds us that we come into the world crying, that it has physical and emotional benefits. They also explore difficulties that can arise if we find we aren’t able to cry, and how tears can overlap with other feelings, such as guilt.

Check it out here >

If you would like to book an appointment with a Rainbow counsellor, please send us a message with a brief explanation of your situation and we will recommend a counsellor to meet your needs.​

New service rolled out by NHS to support the mental health of mothers

New service rolled out by NHS to support the mental health of mothers

New, expectant or bereaved mothers are to be offered mental health help and support through new hubs being set up by the NHS across the country.

A range of help will be available as part of the NHS Long Term Plan and support will include help for PTSD following childbirth, childbirth fears and a wide range of mental health issues which may affect this time in a mother’s life.

NHS England Chief Exec Simon Stevens said: “The pregnancy and birth of a new child are a special time for families but if things go wrong it can have a huge impact on women, their partners and even other children”.

Find out more at the NHS article here >

Please feel free to contact Rainbow today if this is something that may be affecting you.

Support for mental health is needed more than ever as we enter the third lockdown of the pandemic

Support for mental health is needed more than ever as we enter the third lockdown of the pandemic

No one could have anticipated the impact of Covid-19 and reports are increasingly focussing on the devastating impact on mental health.

The cumulative effect of long term stress is serious says psychotherapist Noel McDermott:

“Effectively what is happening is those that were far away from mental health issues are now much closer, those that were close to being ill will be pushed into illness proper and those that were already ill and have a history of illness will be in relapse or a much more serious condition.”

Support for mental health is needed more than everWhat we are dealing with is the knock on effect of not just one but now three lockdowns, coinciding with January, a time already known to be challenging for many due to post-Christmas blues, cold weather, increased darkness and financial worries. And on top of that many parents are facing the stress of home schooling once more, perhaps alongside having to work from home.

An important thing is to focus on self-care. Now is not the time for high expectations and over-ambitious New Years resolutions but as Rosie Weatherley of Mind says: “Cut yourself a lot of slack… You’re surviving during a global pandemic – this is the only achievement that matters.”

Check out this Sky News article for some more tips on how to cope and find ways to improve your mental health and well-being during these challenging times.

Remember support is out there! You are not alone. For more info please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our counsellors today.

Low-Cost Counselling offered by Rainbow Counselling Sheffield

Low-Cost Counselling offered by Rainbow Counselling Sheffield

Find out more about Rainbow Coaching Services SheffieldRainbow offers low-cost counselling through our bursary scheme to individuals and couples on low income.

Clients are offered six sessions at the reduced rate of £25 (per session), with a review at the end of the term. It is our desire to support those who for financial reasons are unable to access this service.

We are aware that times are hard for many right now whether in terms of mental health, finances or both. Where we can we wish to offer our services to those who may need it most, but may be struggling to afford it.

We are a team of male and female counsellors offering a depth of experience across differing specialties including depression, anxiety, identity, relationship issues, therapeutic and life coaching, addictions, trauma, self-harm, eating disorders and fertility difficulties. Using a range of therapeutic models, we work with different groups such as young people and students.

To apply for this service please get in touch >

Proud to be supporting our frontline workers

Proud to be supporting our frontline workers

Proud to be supporting our frontline workersOne of our counsellors, Helen, has been involved in this great initiative to support frontline NHS workers during the Covid-19 pandemic by offering free counselling online.

Helen says: “I feel so very privileged to be able to help the NHS during this time of need. Using my counselling skills to help and support the NHS staff who are working so tirelessly and with such dedication to care for others, is both humbling and an inspiration and I feel so very blessed to be part of this frontline service.”

The Points of Light Service has itself been commended by the Prime Minister, with its founders receiving a personal letter of thanks from the PM. Check out their full article here, where you can also find out more about Points of Light. Read more>

Rainbow Counselling are also pleased to offer 4 sessions of half price counselling to all NHS frontline workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please contact us to be put in touch with a counsellor today.