‘What is climate anxiety and what can we do about it?’ So begins this interesting article by the Climate Reality Project.

So begins this interesting article by the Climate Reality Project.It seems there aren’t many day’s when we aren’t hearing in some way about how climate change is impacting our environment, our weather, our homes and livelihoods. Significant weather change and global warming are blamed for rising flooding and growing extremes of temperature. It’s easy to get anxious about these things, especially when we think about the future for our children and grandchildren.

Climate or Eco-anxiety is described by the American Psychological Association as ‘a chronic fear of environmental doom’ and it’s something that seems to be on the rise. So what can we do about this?

Don’t be afraid to talk about it! You are not alone in recognising that things are not what they once were. Acknowledging how you feel can empower you to work out how you can act to take care of yourself.

Or perhaps channelling your energy into being the change you wish to see may empower you. Take action! Even change in small ways such as recycling, composting or reducing waste all add up to impacting our world. And that’s without mentioning getting involved with the many forms of activism that are out there and growing. Read more >

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