Based on the principles of positive psychology and the belief that the answer to any problem is embodied within the client themself, coaching develops practical adjustment strategies for anyone wishing to make real and sustainable changes in life.

Find out more about Rainbow Coaching Services SheffieldCoaching offers an alternative therapeutic approach enabling clients to access deep personal insights and engage their own motivational patterns and triggers to facilitate enduring change. Maybe the struggle is with habits that are self destructive or that undermine self esteem and confidence – addiction, anxiety and depression, stress, work/life balance – what ever the issue, coaching facilitates the identification and development of a plan that supports resolution, adjustment, healing and growth.

Coaching and counselling both compliment each other. They sit on the same therapeutic spectrum, both are non directive disciplines that place the client at the heart of the professional encounter. And here at Rainbow we have a unique referral system that enables the right package of client centred support to be offered at any given time.

Jane Moffat is Rainbow’s accredited Master Coach. View Jane’s Profile for more info >

“Working in the ambulance service means I come across a lot of trauma, sometimes multiple times a day. This made an impact on my life in more ways than I thought it would. With the help of my coach I was able to verbalise the hurt, visualise where I want to be and make great first steps to feeling more alive and less numb. Thank you”.