A service which Rainbow is now pleased to offer other counsellors is counselling supervision. This service is provided at Rainbow for other counsellors or counselling students by Evelyn and Helen.

Counselling Supervision service at Rainbow Counselling Services, SheffieldEvery practicing counsellor is required to see a supervisor on a regular basis. This offers a professional the opportunity to discuss how they are getting on in their practice, to make sure that they are practicing legally and ethically and to offer support. Supervision provides counsellors with appropriate accountability, within the boundaries of confidentiality, from a more senior practitioner with extra training to provide this service.

Supervision protects the counsellor, which in turn protects their clients, making sure that nothing important is overlooked or missed. This enables counsellors to offer the best service that they can to their clients. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you are a counsellor looking for a trained professional to supervise your practice.

For more detailed information please see our Counselling Supervision service page >