Counselling Supervision

A counsellor or psychotherapist uses supervision to review their ongoing client work, their professional development, and often their personal development as well. Supervision is a professional service offered at Rainbow counselling by Evelyn Trotman and Helen Clark.

Who Needs Supervision?

All counsellors and psychotherapists, regardless of experience, need supervision. Not only do most professional bodies in the UK such as the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy require counsellors to have regular supervision, but it is also seen by many as an ethical imperative.

Why is Counselling Supervision Needed?

Supervision exists for three reasons:
1. to protect clients,
2. to improve the ability of counsellors to provide value to their clients, and
3. to protect the counsellor

Supervision protects clients by involving an impartial third party in the work of a counsellor and client, helping to reduce the risk of serious oversight and helping the counsellor concerned to reflect on their own feelings, thoughts, behaviour and general approach with the client. This, in turn, also serves to protect the counsellor.

If you wish to book a supervision session with one of our Rainbow supervisors, please contact us to be put in touch with Helen or Evelyn.