The hottest topic in the news at the moment is the climate crisis and let’s face it, it’s an issue that affects us all.

Many of us are understandably worried about what is happening in our world and we can feel anxious and at times, powerless, to change things.

Did you know this state of anxiety has a name – ‘Eco-anxiety’? The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy has commissioned research which finds that 23% of us are worried about the future due to concern over climate change (see the link to their article here for more stats on this).

Looking for some ways to help with this anxiety?

BACP recommends finding ways to talk about it, to process your thoughts and feelings, to receive validation that you are not alone. Give others time to talk – rifts are happening in families with 10% saying the issue has caused arguments between parents and children. Take time to hear someone else’s perspective. Practice regular self-care and avoid ‘doom-scrolling’ and sole focus on the negative. Reconnecting with nature is also a great anti-stressor and is a fantastic way of remembering that you are part of something bigger. To find out more please visit this article on BACP’s website >

And of course here at Rainbow our team of counsellors can help you to work through some of the issues related to this as well. If you would like to book an appointment with a Rainbow counsellor, please send us a message with a brief explanation of your situation and we will recommend a counsellor to meet your needs.​