In a series of short videos BACP members have given a powerful account of the importance of counselling and how it helps to change lives to mark ‘Time to Talk Day’ earlier in the month.

This day is an annual campaign run by Time to Change which helps young people be more open about their mental health.

As BACP trustee Sekinat Adima says: “Friends and family are good with listening and helping, but there comes a time when they’re not always available or they’re not always able to help. That’s where counselling comes in. The ability to be able to talk to someone who’s professionally trained, who can listen, who’s impartial and who does that in a non-judgemental way.”

Check out more of the videos here and be encouraged about the value of counselling for yourself, your loved ones or your clients. And of course remember that Rainbow counsellors are still right here to help during these challenging times. Contact us >