Eating problems describes a range of eating difficulties and disorders which may affect an individual’s relationship with food and with their body. They can affect men and women and those of different ages and different weights.

Some commonly known eating disorders include anorexia nervousa and bulimia, but an eating problem can affect many more individuals more commonly than these medically diagnosed disorders. Eating problems may affect your relationship with others – you may wish to hide your eating habits and thoughts about food with them, you may feel judged or misunderstood by others. You may find a lot of your time is dominated by thoughts about food and controlling your diet.

Eating problems can often go hand in hand with other issues such as self-esteem, self-harm, depression, anxiety or thoughts about suicide. What is happening in your mind can feel quite complicated and hard to explain to others. Many have found that talking to a counsellor can really help with these issues. You may have feelings and thoughts you wish to express and sometimes talking to someone outside your usual sphere can really help.

Again, check out Mind’s information pages regarding eating problems for more advice and support. Please contact Rainbow Counselling to access further support.

Watch MIND’s useful Youtube Video:  Eating Disorders | Talking about mental health