Self harm can often be confused by some with suicidal ideation but although for some individuals there is some crossover, for others self harm is an entirely different thing to wanting to end your life.

Mental Health Awareness: Self harmSome people experience self harm as a way to express overwhelming thoughts and feelings where these are hard to put into words, almost as though the pain is being transferred from emotional to physical pain. For some it is linked to feelings of low self-esteem, for others perhaps it may be a response to trauma for example. But the thoughts and feelings behind self harm are unique to the individual just as different methods of self-harm are varied. Cutting yourself for example is often associated with self harm but more subtle forms of harming your body, such as deliberately getting into fights, may also find their roots in a desire to self harm.

Mind’s website offers some excellent tips for help for self harm including looking at triggers and distraction techniques. Check these out here, and don’t forget that talking about your thoughts and feelings regarding self harm can be incredibly liberating and help to diffuse a sense of shame that can be associated with them. Please feel free to contact Rainbow today if this is something that may be affecting you.

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