Counsellor Profile: Nick Cocking

People engage with counselling for a variety of reasons: some looking for prompt resolution of a specific problem, others facing a range of long-term difficulties.

Counselling offers, in a safe environment, a place to explore and articulate anxieties, fears and hopes. Sometimes it’s to identify fixed and unproductive patterns of thinking, behaviour and relating. Whether you come feeling sad, unmotivated, angry, lonely or just confused, I aim to help create that safe environment with you, and to help you to start to explore freely the feelings that you’re experiencing.

Whilst my development as a counsellor has been in parallel with a career in engineering, my personal sense of meaning, purpose and motivation is grounded in my Christian faith. I welcome clients from all walks of life, whatever their spirituality, background, sexuality, gender or age.


Outside my counselling training, I have over ten years’ experience working in a listening and peer support role for a national charity. I am also actively involved in mental health initiatives for Sheffield and South Yorkshire, specifically around bereavement support and suicide prevention.


I have completed the Foundations of Counselling course at The Academy: SPACE in Sheffield, and am currently on placement with Rainbow.


Monday evening; Tuesday morning and afternoon; Thursday morning and afternoon.