There are many reasons for children and young people to be feeling uncertain and anxious at the moment.

Uncertain times for children and young peopleThe routine of school has been disrupted, exam results have caused chaos for school leavers and access to regular support may have been interrupted or delayed. Not to mention the challenge of learning to learn from home without the support of teachers in the same way. And now the sudden return to school following a very long break away.

Counselling can help children and young people through these challenging times and many counsellors have risen to the challenge of offering counselling remotely, whether by video, phone and even text message. Of course face-to-face counselling has had to pause in many settings whilst lockdown measures have been in place.

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A couple of articles by BACP highlight the challenges children and young people are facing at this time and ways in which counsellors are rising to meet these challenges.

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