Following the many anxieties that were raised during the pandemic the world has now been plunged into a new set of anxieties around war and conflict, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

War and Anxious Times for Children and FamiliesJo Holmes, BACP’s Children, Young People and Families Lead reminds us of the importance of sharing our concerns, and to not be afraid to help children in particular to find a safe place to explore worries and fears they may have.

Pete English, who works with children and young people offers some helpful tips that may equally help adults too…

“When a child expresses their worries and anxieties, listen intently to them and help them to talk about feelings. Maybe have a feelings chart so that they can find the appropriate word if they don’t have the vocabulary yet. Don’t just brush it off with comments to make you feel better. Have a united front if you’re parenting together. Model that you’re able to express your feelings too but that you have control over them.”

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